“Les Boucholeurs” is a district of Châtelaillon-Plage located on the limit of Yves, two cities of the Charente-Maritime county. This district count approximately 600 houses and has an important activity in oyster and mussel farming. The case study is been carried with the cooperation of the commune Chatelaillon-plage.

Problem Description

The Atlantic coast is threatened by storm surges and potentially by the sea level rise. Those events could contribute to the failure mechanisms of the embankments and could generate some important water level on the rear part of this area, which is lower that the coast line itself.

Research focus

Collaboration with other work packages in PEARL are as follows:

  • WP1: exploring the possibilities to apply the FORIN methodology and vulnerability assessment;
  • WP2: applying the PEARL model toolkit to model hazard (ref to Xynthia), coordination with RISC-KIT;
  • WP3: Impact assessment including the analysis of the analysis of the failure mechanisms, comparative study with RISC-KIT;
  • WP4: Exploring the potential for the improvement of the operational management in the case study area;
  • WP5: Socio-economic and institutional strategies and solutions for adaptation to coastal floods, evaluation of different measures for the adaptation strategies for the pilot protection using multi-criteria analysis in comparison with the mandatory cost-benefit analysis.