Case studies

WP6 aims at enabling efficient management and conduction of the tasks to be performed in the case study areas. Also, it is devoted to evaluate the potential and uptake (impact) of the PEARL methodology for holistic risk management and governance in coastal regions based on the performed case study work.

The key tasks of WP6 are given as:

  • Enabling efficient data, scenarios and modelling results management throughout the project lifetime and beyond;
  • Data collection;
  • Cross-linking the experiences from the international case studies with the European cases and deriving lessons learned;
  • Evaluating the PEARL approach to holistic risk management and governance for preparing for extreme events under the given hydro-meteorological, social and urban conditions in the case study areas.

The project draws on seven EU case study areas: Greve (DK), Liverpool (UK), Hamburg (DE), Charente-Maritime/Xynthia (FR), Liguria (IT), Marbella (ES) and Rethymno (GR) and five case studies from the Caribbean and Asia.