General information

Capital city Casteries (population: 60.000)
Population 180.000 (as of Jan 1, 2012)
Total Area 620 km2


The study area is located on the right side of the estuary of the main river which has been directed through a concrete channel in some areas (river training). The city contains a system of storm drains which discharges via two outfalls into the harbour during favourable conditions and otherwise pumped when free drainage conditions are less favourable (e.g. Storm surge). Coastal wave action can limit the effectiveness of the drains as well as the river from discharging flow into the harbour. This may lead to standing water in the drains that run within the city as well as the main river and in more severe cases may lead to backwater effects which may cause surcharging and cause river overland flooding.

Problem Description

Operational real-time flood forecasting have gotten more and more importance in the last decade, as a suitable approach for reducing economic damages due to flooding. One of the key tools in this context is high resolution hydrodynamic modelling, which however requires accurate hydrological forcing to give results which are close to reality. In some cases, when it is not possible to produce such accurate flood forecasts based on high resolution models and data, it may be worthwhile to use the resources currently available, accepting that it is uncertain. This case will demonstrate the development and implementation of an operational real-time flood forecasting and warning system with limited available data.

Research focus

The focus will in this task be on enhancing the existing methodologies and tools for real-time coastal flood modelling (when relevant in conjunction with fluvial and pluvial flooding) and flood hazard mapping. Different real-time coastal flood modelling systems will be developed and made available over the web to end-users. These will include the MIKE by DHI suite of models to simulate integrated flooding from the sea, rivers, urban drainage and sewer systems. The various methodologies for real time flood forecast and their operational performance will be evaluated.


Rainfall and flood forecast web application