The FloodAlert web Early Warning System (EWS) has been deployed at Marbella PEARL case study. FloodAlert is a simplified urban flood Early Warning System based on the use of radar observations and radar nowcasting to issue local warnings for pluvial floods. There are several points defined around Marbella, which can be selected from the top menu. For each of them, there are different modules showing:

a) A general view of the current active warnings.

b) A view with the last 2h radar precipitation observations and a forecast (based on radar) for the following 2h. Also shows related warnings.

c) A view of the areas that are forecasted to be over the pre-defined accumulation thresholds in 30 min.

d) A view of the evolution (both measured and forecasted) of the 30 min accumulation in an intelligent area around the defined points.

e) Weekly forecast of several meteorological variables based on NWP models. Related warnings are also shown.

f) Official AEMET warnings.

g) Auxiliary information of the EWS.

Details of the platform can be obtained from the conference paper in the Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics.