PEARL’s Deliverable 1.1 is ready!

Work Package 1 Deliverable Report 1.1

The report develops an overall approach to a holistic risk assessment as well as a specific Risk and Root Cause Analysis (RRCA) Framework to guide research in Work Package 1. It is based on the idea that risk management is a socio-technical process where the relationships between parts are mutual, emergent, dynamic and non-linear; therefore, the strengthening of any risk measure depends on the broader flood management process.

The RRCA Framework aims to enable the systematic assessment of different root causes of risk, risk cascading and propagation of vulnerabilities at a greater depth than previous research. It also seeks to improve the understanding of the formation of risks and vulnerabilities in coastal regions, in particular those that give rise to small-scale, but high local impact events. Furthermore, the paper proposes methods to test the novel RRCA Framework through a thorough investigation of case studies.

The methodology and first results will be published soon in scientific literature. Stay tuned for further info on this topic!