PEARL presented during workshop of LIFE+IMAGINE project in Genoa, 30th January 2015

LIFE+IMAGINE is a life project coordinated by GISIG, aiming at enforcing the knowledge base on European environmental data policies and at creating an information system for coastal management and planning. The project, through methodologies of environmental analysis, integrates and harmonize multi-sources data in order to create new and hands-on information for planning and decision making, with reference to two environmental scenarios of coastal areas, that are the soil consumption and the landslides.  The information are processed and provided to the client by a web services infrastructure, that integrates in its architecture the specification of the INSPIRE Directive (for a European Spatial Data Infrastructure), the SEIS initiative (the Shared Environmental Information System) and the Copernicus programme for global monitoring.  Output of the project are indicators and thematic maps, to be used for better assessing the impacts by soil consumption and landslides in coastal areas and improve the planning and interventions.

The workshop was related to the “use of interoperable data and services for coastal management”, with a focus on the Ligurian pilot sites, that are in the Tigullio and Cinque Terre areas. It was attended by more than 30 people, coming from ISPRA (the Italian Environmenal Agency), Regional Authorities (Liguria and Toscana), the Municipality of Genova, the National Research Council, the University of Genova (architecture, earth science and hydraulic engineer), the Cinque Terre National Park, the regional association of geologist, and some SMEs.

During the workshop, PEARL was represented by Alessandra Marchese from GISIG. A poster was displayed and a presentation was given on the project and the Genoa case study.

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