PEARL presented at the webinar on Extreme Weather Preparedness: “Flood Risks: Urgent Action Needed – But What?”

PEARL has been presented at a webinar on extreme weather preparedness that has been attended by more than 100 people from all over the world. The severity of the recent extreme events indicates the need for reconsidering the current practice in disaster risk management.

Natasa Manojlovic from TUHH presented the PEARL holistic approach to risk management that regards the socio-technical system as a whole and aims at understanding of the interactions and interrelatedness of its elements (society, built environment, policy). This approach has been discussed with the panel participants and attendees via a web forum.

Join the webinar on Flood Risks: Urgent Action Needed – But What?, organized by Sustainable Cities Collective and helt on Monday, 10th of February at 12 PM (EST). The recorded webcast is given here.

  • Presentation on “Extreme Weather Preparedness”, Natasa Manojlovic