PEARL Knowledge Base Platform illustrated at the Amsterdam International Water Week

AIWW_presentation_ChristosOn 3 November 2015, the International Water Association (IWA) and Deltares organised a workshop on “Tools for Urban Resilience & Climate Adaptation” in the framework of the Amsterdam International Water Week (2-6 November, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The special event showcased several tools to assist urban planners, municipalities and other stakeholders in the identification of risks, selection and design of solutions, and investment decision-making to address flooding due to local and upstream precipitation or storm surges.
Among the speakers was Christos Makropoulos from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), who presented the Knowledge Base Platform for Resilience Measures and Strategies developed within WP5 of the PEARL project. In front of a crowded room, he illustrated the operation of the tool through few practical examples and highlighted the connections with PEARL Web Learning & Planning platform. By exchanging views with developers of similar complementary instruments and receiving the opinion of the public, various possible improvements were identified for the further development of the platforms. The great attendance made the workshop very successful not only in promoting the tools and project PEARL, but also in collecting content contributions to the platform.

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