First Stakeholders Workshop, 1-2 October, Rethymno, Greece

Rethymno_workshop_invitation_enThe National Technical University of Athens is organising a stakeholders workshop entitled Preparing coastal regions for extreme and rare events” in the case study area of Rethymno in Crete, Greece.

The workshop is supported by the Municipality of Rethymno and will be held at the Centre of Social Welfare of Rethymno. Members from all identified groups of stakeholders will participate and interact during the two-day event. Aim of the workshop is to promote participatory procedures in decision-making related to flood risk management and the establishment of the local Learning and Action Alliance (LAA).  Representatives from local and regional authorities, NGOs and private groups will have the chance to interact among each other and with PEARL research team through learning games and activities. These are inspired by the future workshop scenario and targeted to the:

  • Establishment of facts in terms of stakeholders’ perception of flood risk and identification of problems
  • Development of  renewed images and setting up of a common vision
  • Establishment of the local Learning and Action Alliance (LAA).

Download the agenda of the workshop (in Greek).

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