Suleman Shaikh

Research associate, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

My name is Suleman Shaikh. I joined the Institute of River & Coastal Engineering at the TUHH in August 2011 and am mainly involved in the project of coastal and flood protection in Mauritania (Africa) and in the PEARL project.

I did my Diploma Thesis at TUHH in 2011 in cooperation with Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and DHI. Due to this cooperation, I had an internship of ½ year at the DHI in Singapore. My topic was the sensitivity analysis of ship induced sediment transport in the Elbe estuary with MIKE3.

Within the project PEARL, my main task will be related to the German case study “The Elbe estuary”. Here, we will develop a platform to be used by the responsible authorities for management of the Elbe estuary containing the technical and social components.

I see a great opportunity for me to pursue my PhD within PEARL. My research focus will be in WP2 and partly WP4, and will involve the modelling of the main physical processes of this estuarine system and the interactions between the processes such as dike failure and flooding of the hinterland, the investigation of (engineering) measures, definition of flood adaption strategies and assessment of their effects/impacts for the present and anticipated future conditions.

I am a real “Hamburger”, where I grew up in Hamburg and I am still living there.
I am looking forward to work with all of you.