Neiler de J. Medina Peña

PhD fellow, UNESCO-IHE

My name is Neiler Medina. I am a PhD fellow for the project PEARL, at the department of Environmental Engineering and Water Technology at UNESCO-IHE . PEARL is about preparing for extreme and rare hydro meteorological events in Europe.

I graduated as a Sanitary Engineer in the year 2005 in Colombia, after that I did 1.5 years specialization in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My latest study was my MSc. with distinction in Water Science and Engineering with specialization in Hydroinformatics: focusing in the optimal design of sewer networks.

As a professional, I started as a project Engineer in the Centre for environmental research in the University of Antioquia in Medellín-Colombia. After that, I moved to the private sector as a co-founder of a small company in the water and sanitation consultancy also in Colombia.

Within the project PEARL, I will focus my research in the component of crowd modeling during extreme events and to develop some mobile application to be used during floods for Authorities and for the people to reduce risk.

I am originally from Medellín, Colombia and currently I live in Delft, The Netherlands.
I am very excited to work in PEARL for the quality of the partner institutions and for the diversity of case studies .

I hope that we all can work together and to support each other during this 4 year project.