Archontia Lykou

MSc, Research assistant, National Technical University of Athens

My name is Archontia (Dia) Lykou. I work as a research assistant for the PEARL project at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

My professional background is Civil Engineering. In 2011, I completed my undergraduate studies at NTUA during of which I worked in the field of dam construction for 2 months (internship). The subject of my undergraduate thesis was about methods and technologies of creating a subsurface reservoir in a sedimentary basin.

Subsequently, I did my Master of Science at NTUA on Hydrology and Environmental Water Resources Management. Part of my postgraduate thesis, which was about the analysis and design of cut off wall - core connecting system in embankment dams, was presented at the 2nd National Conference of Dams and Reservoirs organised by the Greek Commission of Large Dams (GCOLD). As a member of the GCOLD, I also am a new member of a working group dealing with “Technical Terminology of Dams”.

Before I completed my postgraduate studies, I had worked on hydraulic studies and design of (mostly) sewerage systems in the private sector for seven months. I also participated in EGU 2010 and 2012 through poster submission in collaboration with others.

Within the PEARL project my main tasks will be related to flood and ABM modelling, case study related issues e.g. contacts, data collection etc., as well as assistance in the overall management of the project for NTUA.

Being part of PEARL’s project team will give me the opportunity to work on a completely new field of the civil engineering profession and will also give me the chance to apply for a PhD within the next months.

The past nine years I’ve been living in Athens, but I grew up in Rethymno. Therefore, working for PEARL project will also enable me to learn Rethymno from engineer’s perspective and also provide information/data for NTUA’s case study.

I am looking forward to work with all of you!