Alida Alves Beloqui

PhD fellow, UNESCO-IHE

I am a PhD fellow for the PEARL project, in Urban Water Systems at the department of Environmental Engineering and Water Technology at UNESCO-IHE.

My background is in civil engineering, with specialization in hydraulics and environmental engineering. In 2014 I obtained a Master of Science degree in Municipal Water and Infrastructure, specialization in Urban Water Engineering and Management from UNESCO-IHE and AIT (Asian Institute of Technology). My research focused on the study of BMP (Best Management Practices) and their effect in drainage systems using optimization techniques.
I have been working for almost five years in projects and studies for the sewerage and drainage department of Montevideo’s Municipality. Also, I worked for more than seven years in the private sector, doing water related consultancy.

My main tasks inside the PEARL project are related to the study of measures for reducing vulnerability of coastal areas in front of flood events. These measures will be conceived from a multi-functional point of view, adding value to other aspects of the urban environment.
It is a great opportunity to join such an interesting project with this remarkable group of experts. I hope to work and learn with all of you!